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God of Light


Colour- Blue, White


Animal- Ram and Rooster


Rune- Haglaz


“Himingbjorg is the eight, and Heimdall there, O'er men hold sway, it is said; In his well-built house does the warder of heaven The good mead gladly drink,” -Poetic Edda

Heimdallr is the watchmen of the gods protector of the Bilrost bridge from the invasions of Asgardr, usually by the Jotuns. He is destined to announce the beginning of Ragnarok when the time comes by blowing his horn once. His name means ‘One who illuminates the world,’ but is also known by the name Gullintani or ‘ Golden Teeth,’


He is the son of nine unnamed mothers although some believe them to be the daughters of the god Aegir “ The daughters of Ægir and Rán are nine, and their names are recorded before: Himinglæva, Dúfa, Blódughadda, Hefring, Udr, Hrönn, Bylgja, Dröfn, Kólga.”-Prose Edda. He resides at the edge of Asgardr where the Bilrost bridge enters the realm, in a Hall called Hjiminbjorg or ‘Heavens castle,’ all who enter Asgardr pass through here and are watched by Heimdallr, who sits drinking mead.


He is the owner of the sword known as Hofund, ‘Heimdallr’s head,’ and rides a horse called Gullentoppr meaning ‘ Golden Tuff,’ and is the owner of the Mimirs famous Gjallerhorn the ‘yelling horn,’ which was originally used to drink the wisdom waters of Mimmisbrunnr. He himself used it when he sacrificed an ear to the Jotun Mimir for a drink of its waters. It was gifted to Heimdallr by Odin after Mimirs death at the hand of the Vanir.


Heimdallr is very wise and even knows the way of the runes, possibly taught to him by Odin. He requires very little sleep, as much as a bird and is supposed to have hugely heightened senses. He can see for hundreds of miles, even seeing the wool on sheep grow and great hearing which he can hear grass grow with. He is known for bringing back Freyja’s necklace Brisingamen, when Loki stole it.


“Renowned defender of the powers' way, kind of counsel, competes with Farbauti's terribly sly son at Singastein. Son of eight mothers plus one, might of mood, is first to get hold of the beautiful sea-kidney. I announce it in strands of praise,” - Prose Edda


At Ragnarok he will be slain when he and Loki, his enemy kill each other.

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