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God of Winter and Darkness


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"One of the Æsir is named Hödr: he is blind. He is of sufficient strength, but the gods would desire that no occasion should rise of naming this god, for the work of his hands shall long be held in memory among gods and men.”- Prose Edda

Hodr is the God of Winter and Darkness and his name means ‘Killer’ or ‘Warrior’, he is known due to his lack of sight as the “Blind God.” Hodr is the son of Odin and Frigg and brother to Baldr, Thor, Melli, Vali and Vidarr. He is most known for the killing of his brother Baldr where Loki tricked him into shooting Baldr with a mistletoe arrow, the only thing able to harm Baldr.


"Hodr stood outside the ring of men, because he was blind. Then spake Loki to him: 'Why dost thou not shoot at Baldr?' He answered: 'Because I see not where Baldr is; and for this also, that I am weapon less.' Then said Loki: 'Do thou also after the manner of other men, and show Baldr honour as the other men do. I will direct thee where he stands; shoot at him with this wand.' Hodr took Mistletoe and shot at Baldr, being guided by Loki: the shaft flew through Baldr, and he fell dead to the earth; and that was the greatest mischance that has ever befallen among gods and men.Then, when Baldr was fallen, words failed all the, Aesir, and their hands likewise to lay hold of him; each looked at the other, and all were of one mind as to him who had. wrought the work, but none might take vengeance, so great a sanctuary was in that place. But when the Aesir tried to speak, then it befell first that weeping broke out, so that none might speak to the others with words concerning his grief. But Odin bore that misfortune by so much the worst, as he had most perception of how great harm and loss for the Aesir were in the death of Baldr.”- Prose Edda.


Hodr was then slain by his brother Vali who was born to slay Baldr’s killer, he grew to adulthood in a day and shot Hodr with an arrow. However after Ragnarok Hodr is released from Helheimr with his brother Baldr and they take there place alongside the new pantheon of which Vali is also apart of.

“A brother of Baldr was born quickly, he started Odin’s son slaying, at one night old. He never washed hands, never combed head, till he bore to the pyre, Baldr's adversary while Frigg wept in Fen Halls for Valholl’s woe.”- Poetic Edda

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