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God of Silence, Light and Divination.


Animals- N/A


Colour- N/A


Runes - N/A


“The people of Asaland sent a man called Hone, whom they thought well suited to be a chief, as he was a stout and very handsome man; and with him they sent a man of great understanding called Mime.” -Ynglinga saga


Little is known of the God Hoenir, what is known is he is described as tall and handsome with very long legs. He was one of the hostages sent to Vanaheimr after the Aesir-Vanir War. He went along with Mimir the wise Jotun. Upon arrival in Vanaland, Hœnir was immediately made chief, and Mímir often gave him good counsel. However, when Hœnir was at meetings and without Mímir by his side, he would always answer the same way: "Let others decide." Subsequently, the Vanaland folk suspected they had been cheated in the exchange by the Asaland folk, so they seized Mímir and beheaded him and sent the head to Asaland.


He is one of the surviviors of Ragnarok, and becomes the Diviner for the new Pantheon.

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