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Goddess of Forbidden Love and Games




Colours- Purple, Lavender, Silver, Black.




“She is so gentle and so good to invoke that she has permission from All-Father or Frigg to arrange unions between men and women, even if earlier offers have been received and unions have been banned. From her name comes the word lof, meaning permission as well as high praise.”- Prose Edda


Very little is known of the goddess Lofn, she is described as gentle in manner she is the daughter of the Dwarf known as Hreidmar, sister to Lyngheid and has three brothers Fafnir, Regin and Otr. She is the arranger of marriage's be they forbidden or not. Her name means ‘comforter’ and is used to give the word, Lof or permission. She is a handmaid of Frigg.

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