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God of Motivation


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“Odin and his brothers must be the rulers of heaven and earth; it is our opinion that this must be what he is called. This is the name of one who is the greatest and most glorious that we know, and you would well to agree to call him that too.”-Prose Edda.

Vili is the brother of Ve and Odin. He is also a son of Borr and Bestla, and one of the Gods to create the cosmos. His name means ‘Will.’ Together with is brothers he slew the first Jotun Ymir and used his body to create the Cosmos.


"Out of Ymir's flesh was fashioned the earth,And the ocean out of his blood;Of his bones the hills, of his hair the trees, Of his skull the heavens high, Midgardr the gods from his eyebrows made, And set for the sons of men; And out of his brain the baleful clouds, They made to move on high."- Grimnismal.


This also ended the race of Jotuns apart from one Bergelmir who went to Jotunheimr and created the frost giants. They then went on to create the first humans Askr meaning ‘Ash’ and Embla meaning ‘Elm’ from two pieces of driftwood. Each gave them an aspect of life. Odin gave them soul or life Vili gave them Intelligence and Ve gave them Appearance, Personality and Expressions.


According to Loki both Villi and Ve had an affair with Odin's wife Frigg, whilst he was away travelling the realms for nine years looking for Wisdom.

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