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How it Began 2

I made the leap into practicing, when my Grandad died, I used to love watching wrestling with him. I really missed him and still do, it crushed me when he died, Even now it upsets me to talk about him.. I remember being in a bad mood all the time and felt really down all the time at work. I foolishly thought I could contact him. I read into spirit boards, scrying and pendulums and started to practice in a hope that I could speak with him. I found on the way that Magick and its practices are a life commitment and not to be used for selfish acts. As I developed in basic magick I started to watch You tube videos of rituals and practices. I was really inspired by the likes of people like E A Koetting and Asbjorn Torvol and others. I read their works and watched their videos and listened and learned and began to change my life and mind to be a practicing magician. I now perform rituals and take on more challenging areas of magick. Those guys taught me how to be a magician, even though I have never met or contacted them I felt like I had learned from them and now I can say I am where I am through those people and Interests.

I'm not the best at what I do but what I do feels right and keeps me relatively sane I suppose LOL!

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