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Witchy Wednesday - Crocus

Witchy Wednesday - Crocus Crocus are a genus of flowering plants in the iris family comprising 90 species of perennials growing from corms. Many are cultivated for their flowers appearing in autumn, winter, or spring. Crocuses are native to woodland, scrub, and meadows from sea level to alpine tundra in North Africa and the Middle East, central and southern Europe, in particular Krokos, Greece,on the islands of the Aegean, and across Central Asia to Xinjiang Province in western China. The grow to around 6 inches tall and in a variety of colours. The name crocus is Krokos in Greek, karkom in Hebrew, kurkama in Aramaic, and kurkum in Arabic and Persian. It means yellow, presumably referring to the saffron spice obtained from the autumn saffron crocus. In mythology Crocus or was a mortal youth who, because he was unhappy with his love affair with Smilax, was turned by the gods into a plant bearing his name, the crocus. Be sure if you are eating a crocus that you are eating Crocus sativa. It will have six petals, three bright orangish red stigmas and three similarly colored stamen and 6-9 grass-like leaves. The petals will be violet in color, darker at the throat and somewhat veiny. Dating back to ancient times, the therapeutic and health benefits of Saffron have been long and widely known. Saffron from the same variety has been popularly used as: An Anti-depressant; rumored to be as effective as taking prescription medication. An anti-inflammatory; used mainly to treat septic infections of the eye. A stimulant; it is indicated in reduction of erectile dysfunction. Anti-spasmodic and expectorant for stomach ailments such as stomach ache and dysentery. An analgesic, diuretic, immune stimulant and a nervine sedative. Magickally Any crocus (autumn, spring, whatever) can be used in spells for love, friendship, settling disputes, peace and divination. Grow crocus in your garden or bring a bowl of crocus indoors to promote love in your home. Keep a pot of crocus by your front door and they will bring happiness and hope to your house. Visualise crocus or hold a crocus when you meditate and allow the spirit of the plant to take you on a journey and share its knowledge and wisdom with you via visions. Spring crocus is a traditional decoration for early spring festivals such as Imbolc and Ostara. It is also useful for all spells related to new beginnings.

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