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How it Began

So I have always had an interest in the occult and the paranormal. Even as a young adult I used to read horror books by the likes of Stephen king for example. I always found ghosts and ghouls and demons,interesting. Weird right! As i got older I started to read more and more into history books, a definite influence of my history obsessed dad. I found that the occult played a huge part in history from the Knights Templar to the witchcraft trials and even up to the occult mad Victorians. I also found that each part of the world had their own unique spirituality's, with legends and stories and mythologies in all. I read loads of books on various different occult's and histories and they fascinated me completely. I always felt the urge that i should have gone further but i didn't and just kept to the books. Again as i got slightly older films became available so I got a new obsession in horror films like the exorcist and more modern ones like Hannibal Lecter. I got really interested in the possession films however . I also was really into haunted programs on the TV. So my interests into these grew through more and more films and books.

So what made me take the leap into practicing what I read?

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