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My Top 5 All Time Favourite Incense

My Top 5 All Time Favourite Incense

5 Sage

Sage is a wonderful smelling member of the mint family and great for use as an incense. Smudge sticks of sage are often used to cleanse an area or object and protect against evil and/or malicious spirits. You can also get regular incense sticks for the same purpose but in my opinion nothing beats the fresh stuff. Just collect a bundle of fresh sage and tie together with string, leave it in a dark, dry and warm cupboard until the leaves are completely dry and there you have a smudge stick.

4 Citronella

Made from the leaves and stalks of the lemon grass plant, citronella has a distinct sweet smell, which is used in much the same way as sage is to cleanse a room or object and ward off any unwanted energies. By using citronella you will stimulate the throat chakra and will even help open it up. If for nothing else it is great to keep those pesky bugs away, they hate it.

3 Basil

Another member of the famous mint family, basil has a strong rich smell. It can be used as a strong second to sage but does have other properties. When burning as an incense it promotes deep concentration good for meditation and raises confidence in yourself. It also attracts not only good luck but love to the person using it.

2 Cypress

Made from the leaves and cones of a cypress tree, this incense gives off a lovely warm woody smell, aiding in concentration and relaxation as well as combating stress. As with basil it gives a great boost to confidence. Finally it is great to use as a comfort for those that have lost a loved one.

1 Patchouli

Another member of the mint family patchouli is a common herb found in many magick rituals and spells. Its fragrance is a warm herby smell used commonly in many perfumes. Burning the incense promotes fertility and attracts love to the person using it. By walking through the house burning it, if you imagine your lover or someone you wish to be your lover walking through the door, it is said to draw them and attract them to you.

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