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My Top 5 Fantastic Witchy Tea brews

My Top 5 Fantastic Witchy Tea brews

5- Mugwort Tea

Add 1 tsp of Mugwort (Washed) to 250ml of boiling water and steep for 1-2 Minutes and drink. This tea promotes psychic abilities and gives prophetic dreams.

(Tip: don’t over steep as it can become very bitter)

4-Chamomile Tea

Add 2tsp of fresh flowers (Washed) to 500ml of Boiling water leave to steep for 5 mins for added flavour add a thin slice of apple. Drink daily to prevent cramps and muscle tension. Wash your hands in the tea to have luck when gambling.

3-Nettle Tea

Fill a cup with washed Nettle leaves (wash in warm water ) and pour over Boiling Water. Let this steep for 10 to 20 Minutes to kill all the stings. Add sugar or Honey to taste. Drinking this daily will promote good digestion and help with any urinary problems. It also acts as a blood purifier.

2-Hyssop Tea

Add 2 tsp to 250ml of boiling water and steep for 5 mins. Drink daily to prevent throat infections and coughs, high doses however can have bad side effects so be careful with this one.

1-Dandelion Tea

Add 2 tsp of fresh dandelion leaves and flowers (washed) crushed up slightly to 500ml of boiling water and steep for 6-8 minutes then strain, add honey to taste. Drinking this tea aids in divination practices.

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