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Witchy Wednesdays - Penny Royal

Witchy Wednesday - Penny Royal

Penny Royal is a member of the mint family of plants, it is identifiable by its oval shaped leaves and purple flowers. It is also a creeping plant and it does this very well. Pennyroyal seems to have been a staple herb for the ancient doctors from Greece and Northern Europe for a mixed bag of complaints. Just hanging a branch in the sick room would aid in healing. Garlands of pennyroyal worn about the head was supposed to prevent headaches and giddiness and to help clear the mind. It was even believed to purify foul water.

Pennyroyal was once used for stuffing pork in combination with pepper and honey. Use in spells to protect your psychic energy from the negativity of others and to strengthen, cleanse and repair the aura. Use also to protect against the evil eye and for spells for removing the evil eye. In Voodoo- Penny Royal is widely thought to be a powerful Guardian and to Ward Off Evil. To break a hex, a jinx, or a curse, some people mix Penny Royal with Nettle and Graveyard Dirt and sprinkle it on their hair and clothing for one night. Infusing olive oil with Pennyroyal and other insect repelling herbs will create an herbal insect repellent. 

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