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Magick Monday - Galdr, Lokkr and Rokkr

Magick Mondays - Galdr, Lokkr and Rokkr There are 3 basic points in Norse Magick which form the basis when learning ... Galdr basically is magick through the use of the voice or projection. It is the principal of all words having power, which means that any idea or thought that is spoken or written is given life making it more real to us in the physical realm. It is also the understanding of when to speak, when to be quiet and what content to use at the time. By projecting when using magick or Galdr you are bringing forth from within, to the outside. Lokkr is the ability of using magick to draw something into you or to call upon something. An example of this is an evocation The Rokkr are the primordial forces such as nature, the sun and the moon. You can use them to lean your magick on for greater effects. They are all from natural sources. 

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