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Witchy Wednesday - Witch Hazel

Witchy Wednesday - Witch Hazel Witch Hazel is the name given to a group of 6 plants all with similar appearance and traits. They are small shrubs or trees with Oval leaves alternating up the stem. They have either red, orange or yellow flowers that look a bit fringy. It is native to America but has varities all across europe and even in china where grows the ever more popular red variety called chinese witch hazel. The name witch hazel refers to the flexible nature of the twigs. The word "witch" comes from Old English wice meaning "bendy." Witch Hazel may be used as an aftershave and as a daily facial scrub to reduce redness, shine and puffiness. It can be used as a spot treatment to reduce the appearance of pimples by reducing swelling. Dab some on bee stings and mosquito bites to help draw out the venom and reduce itching and keep some extract in your face aid kit to put on cuts and grazes and reduce bleeding. To make Witch Hazel Tea take 4-6 grams of the leaves and bark and pour over 250ml of water. Steep for 5 mins then strain the liquid into a cup, drink daily. to help prevent internal problems such as colitis and ulcers. Magickally they can be used for dowsing, Keep Witch Hazel twigs, petals and seeds near your altar or sacred space to assist in heightening clairvoyant, divinatory and magical energies. Carry a sachet of Witch Hazel seeds and flowers for its protective energies, or to attract love. Witch Hazel bark and twigs can be used to for protection from negative energies.

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