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Witchy Wednesday - Arnica

Witchy Wednesday - Arnica Arnica is part of the compositae family along with the sunflower and dandelion, and is a native to Europe. The plant itself is about 1ft in height and has oval, green, hairy leaves with multiple stalks growing from them and end with a flower, yellow and much like a daisy. Arnica is also known by the names mountain tobacco and, confusingly, leopard's bane and wolfs bane, two names that it shares with the entirely unrelated plant Aconitum. Ancient custom had it that the spirit of the Corn Wolf wandered among the cornfields adding his strength to the coming harvest. Arnica was arranged around the fields to keep him from escaping before the corn was ready to be harvested. His spirit then entered the final sheaf that was cut and it was later carried to the village in honour. People take arnica by mouth for sore mouth and throat pain such as pain after surgery or wisdom tooth removal, insect bites, painful and swollen veins near the surface of the skin, bruising, muscle pain, vision problems due to diabetes, and strokes. A good salve mix for bumps, bruises and sprains is witch hazel, comfrey and arnica. Magickally Arnica can be planted around an area to keep a spirit from entering or leaving. It will only work until the plant dies back in the fall. To drive away thunderstorms burn arnica and say “Set arnica alight, set arnica alight, thunderstorm take flight.”Arnica can be used in general protective rituals as well as rituals for fertility of crops. For protection from spirits and to keep unwanted visitors or deviants away from your home, boil the flowers into a tea and sprinkle it across all door frames and window panes throughout your home or business.

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