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Magick Mondays - Evocation of the Elements (The Method I Use)

Magick Mondays - Evocation of the Elements (The Method I Use) Evoking the elements is a way to empower the ritual you are about to do and add protection to any ritual, similar to that of the abilities of Casting a circle. Before starting set up Candles in the shape of a pentagram, so if you are at the center place a yellow candle to your front left for air, a blue candle to your front right for water, a green candle to your back left for earth, a red candle to your back right for fire and a purple candle directly in front but further forward than the blue and yellow candles this represents spirit. Start by breathing in and out, in and out, drawing all your attention to your breaths, notice you chest rising and falling as you do and begin to count your breaths, keeping them nice and slow and steady. Empty your head of all thoughts, feelings and emotions, and just be one with yourself,w, bringhen you are at the most relaxed you can be you are meditating, the key is keeping your focus for a period of time. In this case do about 10 minutes just to get you relaxed. Now light the Air Candle and speak “Come, winds of change, bring me the breath of life.” Light the Earth Candle and speak “Come, foundations of earth, bring me the soils of growth.” Light the Fire Candle and speak “Come, fires of transformation, bring me your power and understanding.” Light the Water Candle and speak “Come, waters of inspiration, bring me creativity.” Light the Spirit Candle and speak “Come, ancient ones and witness my dedication.” As you light each candle visualise the elements appearing at each of the points around you, for example at fire you could visualise a small flame or bright light. Make sure what you visualise relates to each element. Once complete you have now created not only a shield of the elements but they will empower whatever your spell or ritual is next. Upon finishing, go back around in reverse extinguishing each flame and saying “Thank you ancient ones return to where you came from” “Thank you waters of Inspiration return to where you came from” “Thank you fires of Transformation return to where you came from” “Thank you Foundations of earth return to where you came from” “Thank you winds of Change return from where you came”

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