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Magick Mondays - Cleansing a temple/altar space (The Method I use)

Magick Mondays - Cleansing a temple/altar space (The Method I use) This ritual was brought to my attention from a video by E A Koetting and has been adapted slightly for use by me and my needs. Cleansing a temple after finishing a path working, allows fresh entities to be heard and a greater chance of being contacted from these fresh entities. It is also a way of getting rid of any residual magickal entities which could counteract or dampen further energies in your next paths workings. Most of the time the temple area will be messy and unorganised after lots of ritual work. Tools and artefacts will have been left near to hand and will need to be cleansed. The first thing to do is tidy up and put all the tools and items you wont be using in a locked box for use in the future or when you need them again. Thereby not ending but postponing the path you were on. For me at this point I use the lesser banishment ritual to remove any presence or energies. Now that you have cleaned the temple physically, you have to now magickally and astrally clean the area, using consecrated water. To consecrate water really easily, take a bowl of water, regular tap water is fine but you can use spring or bottled water. Fill a small bowl and pour in salt, being very generous as salt in magick is well known for being able to absorb magickal energies and as spiritual protection in rituals. In this instance it will clean away and absorb any residual energies, be it positive or negative leaving the area and items fully cleansed. Take your index and middle finger and hold them together just above the water. Start to breathe in slowly and deeply. On the in breath visualize a white energy gathering around you like a white aura. On the out breath let the white aura flow down through your body and fingers and into the water, whilst doing this resist the urge to push the aura out let it flow naturally out your fingertips, also try not to tense up, relax as much as possible. When you get the sense of a total peace, that is the time to stop and commence sprinkling it all around the area and tools you want to cleanse.Whilst doing this speak any banishment incantations you like like the one that follows or simply wish and will the entities and energies away. Ashtu Malku Ta Dat Arkata Astus Seckz Altamu Partu Ire Tempal Krez Ta Felta Vaskalla Regent Met Senturus Ta Sastrus Estos Melta Kelta Kelta Kelta Hine As you do this the temple will begin to feel lighter and brighter somehow more open you will feel the energies and entities leaving. Any that Appear to hang on, address them and thank them for their services, before asking them politely to leave. Upon completion an intense feeling will overwhelm you and you will know the area is now ready to begin anew.

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