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Witchy Wednesdays-Goldenrod

Goldenrod, a member of the daisy family with over 50 varieties, is a perrenial plant growing to about 1 metre in height, with long upward stalks and brilliant golden yellow followers. It grows in grasslands and is found throughout most of Europe and North America. The entire plant is edible making it a great ingredient in not only cooking but magick as well. Both the leaves and flower can be used to make a tea to treat both bladder and kidney problems. They can also be used to make a tincture to use on wounds or on a compress to help them heal. Magickally if you dry them it can be used as an incense to improve your suspicions during a divination session. An appearance of goldenrod near your front door suggest that good fortune is on its way. The flowers can also be used in wealth spells inside money drawing sachets and planted on your property or in a vase inside your home to attract wealth. Finally chewing the leaves is an old remedy for relieving toothache.

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