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Magick Mondays- Astral Projection

Magick Mondays- Astral Projection

Astral Projection is the ability to control the soul outside the realms of the physical body. Some say that it can be dangerous as while you are away from your body you are open to possession from an entity however this is rarely a problem. Also the longer you remain outside the body the more astral energy is spent and this can delay re entry into the body. One thing to remember is no harm will come to you unless you think or will it too.

Before you start imagine yourself emitting a white glowing light from your body and get yourself into a drowsy state. You should be completely relaxed and comfortable, free from distractions and alone, so as not to interrupt the meditation. Lie on your back, close your eyes and clear your mind, Start by breathing in and out, in and out, drawing all your attention to your breaths, notice you chest rising and falling as you do and begin to count your breaths, keeping them nice and slow and steady. Empty your head of all thoughts, feelings and emotions, and just be one with yourself,when you are at the most relaxed you can be you are meditating, the key is keeping your focus for a period of time. . the aim is to achieve complete relaxation for the mind and body.

Let your mind approach sleep, but do not lose consciousness and visualise a body part like a hand or a toe, until it becomes clear in your mind. Keep visualising it until all other thoughts fall away. Using your mind flex the body part without doing it physically, just flex the one in your mind. Broaden out your focus so it can visualise the whole body, and while keeping the focus steady and consistent move a larger body part like an arm and keep going until you can move any body part in your mind.

This is now a heightened state and your body will begin to vibrate. Do not fear these vibrations it is normal, succumb to them and your soul will begin to leave the body.

Imagine in your mind the room you are currently in and like with the body part keep focus until its clear . Then using the previous technique manoeuvre your astral body until you are stood up. Turn around and look at your physical self, it can be unnerving but keep focus and look around the room. you are now on an astral plane and this is called an out of body experience.

Allow the astral force to take you back to your body and begin to physically move body parts until you regain consciousness and remember to record your experience. It takes a lot of practice to reach this point so don’t be dis heartened if it takes a while to do, Keep practising and you will get there.

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