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Magick Mondays -The Evil Eye Curse

Magick Mondays -The Evil Eye Curse

The Evil Eye is a curse cast by an evil or malevolent stare designed to give misfortune and/or injury, it was feared by most of the Roman empire who believed that whole tribes could administer it and it was said to have been spread by the empires of Alexander the great. It is however said to be easily defended against by wearing blue talismans. To cast one you will need to have a strong will full mind and be close in distance to the person you are wishing to cast it on.

Find a quiet place, similar to where you meditate or even where you perform your other rituals and sit comfortably so as not to fidget and also be in front of a mirror.Once really deep into your trance look up at the mirror and into your own eyes. Project the energy from within you into the eyes of yourself via the mirror and as if this isn't obvious already do not use any negative energy. You should be able to feel the energy flowing into you and by doing this on a daily basis you should be able to increase the strength of your own energy.

When you are confident attempt this again but on another person or animal as animals are sensitive to this too, when looking into the eyes project your energy towards the back of skull and straight into the brain, focusing intensely. This is called mesmerizing, and through this you can begin to command, curse and control the intended target. Issue the command in your mind, what you want them to do or what you want to happen to them, however they should be short of phrase and, with animals, should be done through visual images.

It will require lots of practice as it is a very advanced form of magick and can even take months or years to master.

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