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Witchy Wednesday - Coltsfoot

Witchy Wednesday - Coltsfoot Coltsfoot is a member of the compositae family of plants, it is similar in appearance to dandelion but has more rounded and hoof like leaves. Coltsfoot has been used as in love, tranquillity and money spells and burned during divination rites. It is also burned in divinatory and healing incense. it suitable for springtime rituals welcoming the return of the sun, such as Imbolc, Ostara and Beltane.Hot or cold Coltsfoot tea compresses can be applied to swollen areas, and a cool such compress is soothing on the forehead or stomach when one has a fever. Do not take more than 3 cups of Coltsfoot tea per day, for three days. Do not take Coltsfoot for more than 30 days out of the year and don’t use along side blood medication. A poultice of the leaves or flowers can be applied to eczema, sores, ulcers and insect bites. Flower buds, young flowers and leaves can be added to salads or steamed as a vegetable. The flavour is similar to anise or licorice. It is not recommended that you make a habit of eating Coltsfoot because of its potential toxicity in high doses, but it is a nice, sunny addition to the Ostara or Imbolc feast.

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