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My Top 5 Favourite Norse Animals

My Top 5 Favourite Norse Animals

5-Freyja’s Cats

Freyja’s chariot is pulled by her two cats Bygul ‘Bee gold’ and Trjegul ‘Tree gold.’ A reference possibly to Honey and Amber.

4-Odin’s Wolves

Called Geri and Freki, ‘the Ravenous one’ and ‘the Greedy one’ Odin feeds them his food as he needs only drink to survive.

3-Heimdallr’s Horse

Gulltoppr or Golden Mane is the horse of Heimdallr which he rides across the bi frost each morning to meet with the other Aesir.

2-Thor’s Goats

The two goats who pull Thor’s chariot are called Tanngrisnir or ‘Teeth Snarler,’ and Tanngnjoster or ‘Teeth Grinder.’ These goats are no ordinary goats however as they can be killed an eaten everyday and can be resurrected by Thor each morning after the bones are placed back with the fur.

1-Freyr’s Boar

Freyr owns the golden boar Gullinbursti meaning Golden Bristles, who is said to accompany him even into battle and pull his chariot over the Bi frost each morning to meet with all the other Aesir. He was a gift created for the Aesir by the two Dokkalfer (Dwarves) Brokkr and Eitri.

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