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Witchy Wednesday - Heliotropium

Witchy Wednesday - Heliotropium More commonly known as Heliotropes these are a genus of plants belonging to the Borage family, containing around 300 different types. Its name comes from the Greek “ to the sun” as they are said to turn to face the sun while growing. They usually have bright flowers and sweet smelling aromas and grow up to 4 feet tall. It grows anywhere warm so long as the ground is not water logged. According to Greek legend, the nymph Clytie was in love with the God Helios but he did not return her affections. Clytie pined away, spending all of her days gazing at the sun, not eating, resting and talking to anyone. Helios finally turned her into a flower and she continues to this day following his movements through the sky. The sap of heliotrope flowers, namely of European heliotrope was used as a food coloring in the Middle Ages and Early Modern French cuisine. Placed under your pillow, Heliotrope induces prophetic dreams and Heliotrope’s high spiritual vibrations enhance clairvoyance abilities. The essential oil can be used to anoint candles and other objects used in divination and in spells for wealth. Heliotrope represents devotion, that to lovers as well as to a God or a cause. #Witch #Witchcraft #Magick 

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