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Magick Mondays - Create your own Ritual (The Method I Use)

Magick Mondays - Create your own Ritual (The Method I Use)

Creating a Ritual

Creating a Ritual is for me a major step in the advancement of personal Magick, its like taking a leap into a new phase of personal practice. So this is my basic guide on how to create your own rituals and how I create my own. I have narrowed it down to 6 steps..,

Define your Purpose

It is probably the easiest step to perform all you need to do is define what you want your ritual to do. However the one key thing to know is that you need to be as specific as possible for example “ I want to be rich,” is a very vague statement, you need to be more accurate like “ I need a new well paying job in customer service that pays well,” is narrowing it down which will make the outcome more likely and more accurate to what you want.

Create Invocations

The second step is to define what entities you will be working with and from what path of magick you will be choosing them from. So for healing a good entity would be the Goetic demon Marbas but from a norse perspective you could use the aid of the goddess Eir. From their you need to write your own invocations to bring them to the ritual, ask for help and say thank you and goodbye. These can be as elaborate as you want or as simple as you want but you want to remember to be respectful and civil, you are of course asking for a favour from them. An example of an opening invocation using the healing example is something like

“Marbas, hear me and be present at this rite, I call you forth with this offering so you may aid me in my time of need.”

You also need to think of any sigils, enns, colours and symbols as well as any herbs or inscence you will need to aid in these invocations.

Outline and Assemble

In this step you need to outline and look at exactly how you will perform the ritual. The way I do it is very methodical in that I write each step, movement, action that I perform into a sort of script which I go over until I get it right. You can however be as loose with it as you feel comfortable with, and if you do use the write up method, do not let it distract you while you actually do the ritual. You will need to consider timing, space, equipment and you will need to gather everything you will need so you aren’t looking for it once you begin the ritual. Be very meticulous in this step so as not to leave anything out.

Preparation and Set up

The next part is to prepare the equipment, yourself and the area you will be performing the ritual in. This means and hallowings or charging of magick tools or any self preparation you need to do to ensure your ritual performs at maximum efficiency. I first like to set up the area with all the tools in the right place and within reaching distance or upon my Altar which also will indicate whether I have forgotten anything. I then like to first meditate for around 10 mins just to clear my head of all thoughts and prepare myself for full concentration. I then cleanse and charge my tools and the temple area using consecrated salt water. I then like to perform either a casting of the circle, A lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram or a Hammer rite (Depending on my path working) to hallow the area. Finally I do a quick 5 mins Meditation just to re focus my mind right before I start the ritual. You will have to create your own method as each magician does it slightly differently than another, as long as your happy and focused your on the right track. Finish getting everything ready for the next step.

Perform the Ritual

Little needs to be said here just perform your ritual like you would any other and believe in your self and the power of your magick.

The Aftermath

Just doing the ritual is not how magick works you need to be actively Participating in it for the magick to really work. Using the job example, once you have completed the ritual actively get out their and apply for jobs or search for jobs, sitting around waiting wont always work. Finally Write up the results of your ritual and your findings and record it in your Journal or book of shadows or wherever you store your magick work.

Hopefully these 6 steps will provide you with the basis for making your own rituals and magick and to advance your own personal study into the aforementioned. Adapt them to your magick and change them to your style to ensure maximum success in your practice.

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