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Freyja’s Fridays - The Creation Worlds

Freyja’s Fridays - The Creation Worlds Nifilheimr is the darkest and coldest of the realms, it is also desolate, but later an abode of Hel. The ice rivers, Elivagar, with the names of Svol, Gunthra, Fjorm, Fimbulthul, Slid, Hrid, Sylg, Ylg , Vid and Leipter ,flow from Hrvergelmir into Ginnunggagap. Muspelheimr, the land of fire and lava which flow into the Ginnunggagap and merge with the Elivagar, creating a steam of creation. Its denizens are the Eldjotnar, the fire giants. Sutyr the Jotun lives here with his consort Sinmara, an enemy of the Aesir. Predicted to turn Asgardr into an inferno with his flaming sword at Ragnarok. The flames of which will engulf Midgardr.  

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