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Magick Mondays - Servitors (The Method I Use)

 Mondays - Servitors (The Method I Use) The idea behind creating a servitor is to create an entity to help you in your endeavours, whether that be acquiring knowledge, protection, destruction or as a kind of assistant in the magickal and spiritual world. Creating one is a more advanced form of Magick that will require some patience, but is more than achievable to all levels of practitioners. Stage one of creating a servitor is to visualise your servitor. This is basically where you will create your ideal servitors appearance and attributes. You will need to take notes as you go for use in stage two. The first thing you need to decide is what your servitor is for, what's its purpose for being made. How is it going to help you, will it learn and teach you knowledge or be a guardian against physical, astral or magickal attacks. Will it be used to help another person or group or will you use it to attack others. It is entirely up to you but be specific so as to make it easier for the servitor to perform its task(s). If you choose multiple tasks, you will need to specify them in the order you would like them to be performed and completed. The next thing to consider is how long you will require your servitor to be around. You can specify to have them until a task is complete or until you decide to end/terminate them yourselves. You can also have one that lives with you forever but make it clear what you want it to do. Creating your servitors appearance is like creating a character for a video game. It can look however you want, sound however you want it to sound, make it as unique as you want to you. Remember however that you will need to visualise it , so only go as complicated as you can visualise. A good way to imagine it is to draw it, to use as a visual reference or write a very detailed description for use later. Naming your servitor can also be a fun thing to do. Think of it like trying to name a baby or a pet, it can be whatever you like. Whilst doing this you also need to think of how you would like to contact your servitor. A good one to have is to call its name three times, three being prominent in magickal practices and whether you say it in your head or out loud its up to you. For your servitor to function it will require a form of energy or sustenance just like a human would, without this they would not be able to function. The best way to give them this is to spend time with them which will allow them to feed off your natural energy and then thanking and congratulating it on tasks its completed. However you can give it specific instructions like it can use up half of your energy daily or it can take some energy from lunar or solar power. Where will your servitor reside while resting or not performing a task, where will it be working or operational. It can reside anywhere you like from jewellery, objects or even body parts like the thumb nail or left arm for example. Give your servitor a fatal flaw or a way to be terminated so if you need to you can instantly end your servitor if its necessary. A good way to do this is through a sentence spoken aloud combined with a thought so for example “your time is over” whilst thinking about a blue deckchair, three times so as not to accidentally terminate your servitor again specify this as clearly as you can. The final thing is to design a sigil for your entity to help call them when you need them or want to evoke them, it will also help to give them more of an identity. Unlike other sigils this can be any design or logo you want but again try not to be too overly complicated as you will need to be able to draw it from memory with ease. Stage two is the actual creation stage at this stage you need to be very sure that you want to create an entity and if the one you want is what you have designed. After this stage you will not be able to change your mind and there is no going back. Take all the notes that you have and write them up into a couple of very detailed paragraphs and as if you are actually talking to your entity. For example “ your name is ____” and “your purpose is ____”. Be as detailed as possible so there is no confusion and the servitor will know exactly what to do. Take the two paragraphs and read them out loud as if saying it to the very centre of the cosmos to creation itself, all the while imagining your servitor forming and coming into existence. Now read the paragraphs again but this time in your head, again as if you are talking to the cosmos and visualising the entity. The next step is to meditate on your servitor, how it looks, what it can do, how it sounds, every last detail you put in those paragraphs. Visualise it sigil and meditate completely on your servitor. You should spend at least 20 minutes on this but the longer the better. I found around an hour was a good time length. You do not have to do the meditation straight away you can delay it a few days or even weeks before you start it. Remember the more time you meditate the more energy you are giving it to come into existence. Draw out the sigil onto a piece of paper, roughly about the size of a CD, and begin to breathe life into it. As you do this imagine and visualise your servitor growing and forming in front of you you will subconsciously know when to stop breathing onto the sigil and your entity or servitor will be formed. Call your entity forth and spend some time with it, explaining its role and welcoming it into existence. Send your servitor on its tasks and leave them to it. Clean up and close down in whatever way you usually do after a ritual. Remember to spend time with your entity every so often to keep them on track and full of energy. Call upon them like you would any other entity via evocation or by using whatever way you specified in your paragraphs.

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