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Witchy Wednesday - Bloodroot

Witchy Wednesdays - Bloodroot Bloodroot otherwise known as Sanguinaria canadensis, is a flowering perrenial native to North american woodlands. It grows from 20 to 50 cm tall and has a large white petalled flower with yellow stamen and one large basal leaf. The root is a rhizome which stores a bright red sap, reminiscent of blood, which gives the plant its name. Bloodroot was used historically by Native Americans for curative properties as a respiratory aid, and other treatments. Bloodroot is excellent as a protective charm for one’s home. Placing a root within the home, out of reach of pets and children, is said to protect from negative energies and spells. Burning of the root as a powder is said to have the same effect. Place a bloodroot over your door to encourage anyone who enters to respect your marriage. If you fear someone is trying to break up your marriage, sew some dried bloodroot into yours and your spouse's pillows. Assuming you're not expected to eat it or rub it on your body, bloodroot can be used in place of blood in spells. Dried bloodroot can be pounded into powder and added to water to reach the desired consistency. However the sap is very toxic. It contains morphine like compounds and also destroys animal tissue. It is traditionally used in herbal medicine as a component to ointments designed to destroy abnormal skin growths such as melanoma, warts and skin tags. This is an extremely painful process and can result in serious scarring if not done properly.

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