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Witchy Wednesday - Calendula

Witchy Wednesday - Calendula Calendula is a Mediterannean plant grown commonly in gardens. It has pale green leaves with long stalks and a yellow or orange bloom at the top and grows to around a foot in height. During the medieval period it was considered a cure for just about everything. During the Renaissance, it was a popular garden flower and commonly used as a pot herb earning it the name pot marigold. Calendula petals can be used as a food coloring agent and has traditionally been used to color butter and cheese. It can be used to make yellow rice without saffron. They are also good in salads or sprinkled over cakes for a festive look. Take a bath in calendula infused water to receive an extra dose of respect and admiration. Being a herb of the sun, Calendula can be used to remove negative energy. The plant has a long association with Samhain, and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, and can be used at remembrance ceremonies as well as funerals and rites for the deceased, as well as for magic to remember deceased loved ones, in particular partners. For legal matters, carry Calendula petals in the pocket for a favorable outcome in court matters or meetings related to the law. Wreaths of marigold hung over a door are said to keep evil and negativity from entering. Dried petals can be strewn to consecrate an area or burned in consecration incense. They are also a good addition to dream pillows.

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