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Magick Mondays - Colour and Magick

Magick Monday - Colour and Magick From choosing a candle to what to draw your sigils in Colour in magick is very important as they help boost rituals with their differing properties. For aura readings they provide knowledge on what's currently happening with the object or person. Finally each colour effects the emotions and the mind which will effect how a ritual or spell works when cast. Black (Wisdom and Enlightenment) Black technically speaking is a lack of colour but in magick it is used to dispel or absorb negativity. It deals with wisdom and enlightenment, and can be used to combat illness or conflicts. Magicians also use it for binding spells or as a cursing agent. If used in a curse, its main feature would be to absorb any excess energy and negativity. It is enhanced by the colour red which makes it create more impact. It can also help reveal any secret knowledge. White (Purity and Virginity) White is more commonly associated with purity and virginity, but it is also the colour of lunar energy. It promotes spiritual enlightenment by heightening the power of said lunar magick. It also enhances divinations. In rituals it is used for healing and blocking and as protection or as a truth seeker. Cleansing and purification of an area or person would use white. It can be used as a substitution for any other colour. Silver (Stability) Silver like black can be used to remove some negativity and encourage stability. In magick it can develop psychic abilities and purifier for rituals. Can also help with ascension. Grey (Astral) Grey is used during meditation work to overcome difficulties, it is important in astral magick like soul travel and if used correctly it can be used to confuse magickally opposing forces. It alters the effect of both water and Lunar magick Pink (Romance and Love) Pink is the colour of romance and friendship. It used in magick to strengthen marriages and in creative pursuits. It also effects beauty and draws out affection from someone. It is also the colour of honour and service to others. Brown (Concentration) Brown is used in rituals for material gains or a way of finding lost items. Because it prolongs concentration, it helps with the learning of new skills. Primarily however it can be used in legal issues and to enhance your career. Blue (Healing) Blue is the colour of healing and inner peace as well as guidance and truth. Different shades affect the outcome. Royal blue promotes loyalty and even influence while dark blue is used for communication and finally light blue is for healing and peace. Green (Luck) Green is used for luck, financial success and fertility along with rejuvenation. Like with blue different shades mean different things. Dark green can counteract jealousy, greed and ambitions whereas light green helps with fertility. Purple (Power and Success) Purple is the colour of power, success and magickal energy. It can promote manifestations of entities, physical or otherwise. It is also good for meditation and finding a spirit guide. It can also be moderately used for white. Red (Strength, Anger and Passion) Red is used a lot in energy work and sex magick. It is the colour of raw strength and passion. It is the main colour used in cursing with it being a representation of anger , war and aggression. Use with caution however as it can only be tempered with black. Yellow and Gold (Knowledge) Yellow is the colour of knowledge. It can enhance communications to help with clairvoyance another form of acquiring knowledge, and for centuries it has been used to repel negativity. Considered as a mental colour it prolongs a users concentration much like brown does and when it is in the form of gold it enhances understanding and power and vitality. In rituals it will especially enhance success and luck in place of green.

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