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Witchy Wednesday - Eyebright

Witchy Wednesday - Eyebright Eyebright is an annual herb native to the British Isles and America and is also known as Euphrasia, it grows to about 2-6 inches in height and has flowers of a white or dark purple colour, the leaves being round or oval and toothed very deeply. According to legend, the linnet, a bird, first used this plant to clear the sight of its young and then passed the knowledge on to mankind. In the time of Queen Elizabeth I, Eyebright Ale was a drink believed to cheer the soul. Eyebright is an ingredient in British herbal tobacco and makes a decent smoke. Eyebright herb tea was often given as a remedy for eye infections or vision problems during the middle ages. To make this tea steep a handful in hot but not boiling water for 5 mins and strain, you can also buy ready made teabags and loose tea from most herbalists. In Iceland, the expressed juice is used for most ailments of the eye, and in Scotland the Highlanders make an infusion of the herb in milk and anoint weak or inflamed eyes with a feather dipped in it. Magickally you can use in spells to help you see situations clearly and to avoid or remove deception and metaphorical visions. Carry eyebright with you to increase psychic powers or when you need to see the truth in a matter. Used in a compress over the eyes it will increase clairvoyance. Finally it is considered highly effective as an amulet to restore and protect the sight. 

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