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Witchy Wednesday - Hellebore

Witchy Wednesday - Hellebore Hellebore are a member of the buttercup family and extremely poisonous, native to most of europe and north america. They come in many varieties with different colours but they all have a five petaled flower which blooms for long periods of time throughout winter and early spring. The name, Helleborus comes from the Greek elein, meaning injure and bora, meaning food, a reference to the plant's poisonous nature. Alexander the Great, supposedly, died of Hellebore poisoning while being treated for an illness. Hellebore was an ingredient in the legendary "flying ointment" and it has long association with witches and witchcraft. Hellebore was traditionally used as a cure for poisoning of livestock and was considered by the ancient Greeks to be a cure for insanity. It was also used as a powerful purgative. This is a baneful herb which should never be ingested and you should wear gloves when handling it. It is used in magic for healing of mental and emotional afflictions and for banishing and exorcisms. It has been used also for increasing intelligence and for protection and invisibility spells.The plant was dried and powdered and scattered around the person to be made invisible. The roots may also be carved in a manner similar to mandrake. The plant is believed to cause madness and can be used for vengeance and cursing. Finally, with this being a really poisonous plant Avoid usung it as much as possible but if you do make sure you wear gloves and do not ingest any. The one good thing is that it tastes really bad aswell so you are unlikely to ingest it.

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