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Witchy Wednesday - Nutmeg

Witchy Wednesday - Nutmeg Nutmeg is a spice that comes from the seeds of an evergreen tree, native to the spice islands, the casing of which also creates the spice known as mace. The nutmeg tree bears small, fragrant yellow flowers closely followed by a peach-like fruit which splits and falls from the tree when it is ripe. The yellow skin can be used to make jams. The bright red, lacy, waxy covering around the seed is laid out to dry in the sun and used to make mace and the seed must be cracked free of its shell and grated to produce nutmeg. Magickally, when travelling a nutmeg in your pocket will bring you good luck in your journey and an old spell suggests that sprinkling nutmeg in a woman's shoe at midnight will encourage her to fall madly in love with you. Add ground nutmeg to your candle wax when making candles to burn for prosperity rituals. A whole nutmeg seed can be carried to bring luck during all games of chance. Nutmeg can be added to beverages drunk before meditation and divination to enhance clairvoyance and clear sight and to encourage visions. Nutmeg butter may be added to salves for the relief of minor skin irritations and for rheumatic rubs. Nutmeg encourages the appetite and aids digestion. It reduces gas and excess acid and eases cramping associated with diarrhea, relieving many sources of stomach discomfort. Finally excessive use can be poisonous and anything more than 1tsp should not be ingested at any one time.

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