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Magick Monday - Scrying

Magick Monday - Scrying Scrying is a process in Magick and a type of divination, used to see events from all areas of time. Unlike other divination methods scrying allows you to actually to see and hear the visions rather than having to just interpret them. There are many ways to scry, using many different materials but the three I will concentrate on are Mirror scrying, Liquid or water scrying and crystal scrying. Each practioner will have there own method(s) of scrying but these tend to be the main three, certainly for beginners. An ancient method of scrying was called the princes of thumb, this is where young males boys, as children are naturally more clairvoyant, were chosen to have there thumbnails painted in oil until it shined. They would then scry into there own thumbnails reporting their visions as accurately as possible to their masters. Firstly to scry in general you need to be in a dark room preferably with your chosen method of scrying in front of you, and a candle behind it, so the flame does not shine on the surface. Get into a relaxed state, and if you know how open up your third eye through either meditation or your other chosen method, and begin to stare into the chosen scrying method as if you are trying to stare through it.Empty all of your thoughts or focus on the one thing your scrying about. Don’t strain your eyes while doing this just relax with your eyes open and begin to go into a trance or deep meditative state, eventually the visions will start to come in the form of clouds appearing but more on this later, just know for now if this is happening you are doing it successfully, but it will take time and practice using development methods to develop this skill. Liquid scrying involves getting the visions to appear in some form of liquid normally water or oil. For even better results you can use black ink, which dyes the water creating a temporary black mirror. After this you should scry into it as normal. To further enhance your experience you can charge the water with lunar energy, by leaving it out in direct moonlight overnight so as to soak up the lunar energy. Discard the liquid after use, preferably outside so as to be absorbed into the earth. Crystal scrying is possibly the most famous method and possibly the most traditional as it is the art of using precious rocks and crystals, usually a crystal ball. These tend to be easy to get a hold of but can be expensive. Be sure to make sure your crystal is actual crystal as a lot of companies will claim they are crystal when they are actually glass. Another thing to look out for is to get one without or with as little blemishes or damage as you can as these could interfere or distract whilst scrying. Scry as normal and again you could also lunar charge the crystal in the same method as in liquid scrying. Mirror scrying requires you to have a tool known as a scrying mirror or black mirror. These are usually highly polished pieces of black rock normally circular but there is custom ones out there. The most famous one is owned by the British museum and belonged to the Elizabethan Magician John Dee. You can also make them by taking a picture frame and painting the rear of the glass panel completely black with a gloss paint, taking care to be as even and neat as possible. When scrying using this method place the mirror at a slight angle so you cant see any reflections in it and so as not to be directly looking at it and scry as normal.

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