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Magick Mondays - Evocation

Magick Mondays - Evocation An evocation is the summoning of and conversing with an entity via a ritual. If done incorrectly it can lead to possession or an invocation and so must be attempted with great care. Finding a place to do an evocation is a very important also as it can be come subjected to hauntings and paranormal activity. It is best to avoid using places like the family home or a residence, if possible ideally it would be outside and away from the house. Before starting 10 minutes of meditation may help may help clear the mind and improve the concentration. The biggest reason evocations fail is when the summoner is not fully committed to the task. Allow the body to drift off into a relaxed state until all equilibrium is lost. concentrate on a particular spot, if it helps, use a sigil or an object related to the entity. Focus until you get a rain effect in front of your eyes. At this stage your brainwaves will be at a hundred plus. This is called a theta brainwave state. It is important to hold your concentration at this point and not be distracted. The next stage happens when your brainwaves reach a hundred and twenty. This is called the gamma brainwave state and is where evocations start to happen. At this point manifestation start to appear and the evocation will be in full swing, once again it is important to keep up the concentration to reduce the risk of haunting or possession. The manifestations will appear as thoughts or voices not belonging to yourself or by physical manifestations of the entity. Power wants to act, so it is no good evoking an entity and then not doing anything with it. Pre prepared and clear questions are the best way to ensure the power is used. When asking questions request an answer to be given to show the entity is obeying you and always remember that you are in charge of the situation but it doesn’t mean you should disrespect the entity. in fact respect goes a long way. As you develop your technique you may wish the entity to possess you for short periods of time. Make sure you have a strong enough will to perform it as it could lead to a full demonic possession. This is also called the technique of invocation but you may not be able to perform this on your first few times. At the end of every session it is important to close it down and dismiss the entity, regardless of whether a full manifestation has occurred or not. To do this you name the spirit and ask it with respect and authority to leave whilst saying goodbye to it. Finally after all that has happened your brain will be in a stressed state and needs to be relaxed. the way to do this is to perform a task . Something constructive like making a sandwich or cooking or cleaning that focuses the mind. Simply watching TV or reading is not enough. Failure to do so can lead to psychological problems or depression. A very easy ritual to perform providing a strong connection with an entity is to draw a chalk circle on the floor with a diameter of about 3 feet. Then about 3 feet away, draw a triangle of manifestation. This is where the entity will appear. Light some incense with a heavy smoke and light some red and black candles, placing them on the intersecting points of chalk. Kneel or sit in the circle facing the triangle and get into a trance or medative state. Concentrate on the sigil of the entity and continue as above using enns and asking them to come. Once concluded close down the ritual and tidy up.

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