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Witchy Wednesday - Fir

Witchy Wednesday - Fir Fir are a type of coniferous tree that cover around 50 different species. Typically they have large flat needle shaped leaves that have a white/gray underside and a greenish blue top that attatch to long branches. Many of these species are used as christmas trees as they arent as prickly as other evergreen trees. In the Alps, this is the king of trees and held in esteem by the spirit of the forest, who uses it as its home. A bath of fir needles is helpful for rheumatic conditions and the inner bark of the giant fir was used as a cold preventitive Essential oil of fir can be added to chest rubs to help relieve congestion. Balsam fir also makes great inscence. The needles can be steeped for a source of vitamin C. The Silver Fir leaves, bark and wood was once used for making "spruce beer". Magickally Fir is used for magic involving power, insight, progression, protection, change, feminine rebirth, and birth. Aromatic fir is used as incense for meditation and psychic work and is used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and stress. Balsam fir wood when burned keeps away and cleanses bad energies.

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