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Witchy Wednesday - Ginger

Witchy Wednesday - Ginger Ginger root which is the part we most commonly use is a large yellow/ brown root which grows from a plant that grows straight up from this root, it has purple and cream coloured flowers that produce red berries and black seeds. They prefer a hot climate to grow efficently. The most common use for ginger in healing is the treatment of upset stomach, and has even been used to help with the nausea associated with chemotherapy, by drinking a cup of ginger tea. This is made by steeping 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger root (around 2 inches) with 1 1/2 cups of boiling water before removing the root. Overdoing it, however, can stimulate your stomach too much and lead to indigestion and gassiness, so moderation is advised. Ginger has also been rumored to help fight cholesterol and to prevent blood clots. Of course it is also commonly used in cooking as a spice. Magickally It is used in spells to "speed things up" or to cause plans to come to fruition quickly. It can also be used in spells to add passion to an existing relationship. Plant the root to attract money or sprinkle powdered root into pockets or on money for prosperity. Ginger is good for placing in an amulet, mojo, or medicine bag to promote good health and protection. A whole dried root will protect from evil spirits and bad dreams, for this place around the home or under your pillow.

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