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Magick Mondays - Saxon Wands

Magick Mondays - Saxon Wands Saxon wands are an old form of divination from the time of … yes you guessed it the Saxon age. It uses 7 wands made of wood usually either Yew, Hawthorn or Blackthorn. You can even use 3 each of the Hawthorne and Blackthorne and one of the Yew. 3 of these should be made to 9 inches long and 4 of them should be made to 12 inches long. Take one of the 12 inch rods and decorate or carve it to look different than the others. You could use Saxon runes or animals as inspiration but it really is up to you how you do it. This is called the Witan Wand. You can also decorate all of the wands but make sure the Witan wand stands out. As with any personal divination tools, don’t let others handle them as they will be attuned to you. Now that you have a set of wands its time to learn how to cast. Traditionally you would kneel down but you can perform this anywhere you want. I like to sit either at my Altar or at a table. Lay out the Witan wand horizontally in front of you, and place all the other wands into your dominant hand, holding them out above the Witan, Now close your eyes. In your mind focus on the question or Idea you want help with and begin to mix up the wands in your hand whilst still thinking of your question but keep your eyes closed, you can pass them back and forth between your two hands but when finished make sure they are all ended up in your dominant hand. Hold above the Witan once more and still with your eyes closed grasp the tip of one of the wands firmly and let all other wands fall to the altar, table or floor, wherever you are casting them, keeping hold of the one in your fingers. Now its time to read the wands. 1: If there should be more LONG wands that short wands on the ground, then the answer to your question is in the affirmative. 2: If there are more SHORT wands than long wands on the ground (excluding the Witan wand) then the answer is in the negative. 3: If any wand(s) touch the Witan wand, it means the answer will be a very definite one, with strong forces at work. 4: If any wand(s) are off the ground (resting on others), circumstances are such (forces still working) that no definite answer can yet be given regardless of (1) or (2). 5: If all the wands point towards the Witan wand, then you ( or the person for whom you are asking) will have a definite role to play in the determination of the question. 6i: If none of the wands point towards the Witan wand, then the matter will be determined without your (the Querant’s) interference. As with any form of Divination practice is key, I myself am still learning this form as I have only recently come across it and find it to be a simple method compared to that of Tarot or Runes.

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