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Witchy Wednesday - Mullein

Witchy Wednesday - Mullein Mullein is a biennial plant witch large furry leaves the fur being irritating to the skin of a greeny grey colour. It has a large spike of yellow flowers each with 5 petals and is a native plant of Europe and Asia. Mullein is attractive to many types of insects and can be used to bring butterflies and honey bees to the garden. sources say that this was the plant that Odysseus took to protect himself from Circe’s bewitchment in Greek mythology. Making a tea and then straining through a cloth before drinking works as a great cure for colds and other related symptoms. Mullein tea with a bit of milk is also useful in the treatment of diarrhoea. Tincture of mullein is useful for migraines and chronic inner-ear disorders. Take 8 to 10 drops of tincture several times a day with cold water. The flowers can be boiled to yield a bright yellow dye that can be useful for dying cloth or hair. Magickally, Powdered mullein can be used in spells that call for graveyard dirt. Some people keep a packet of mullein leaves under the pillow to Prevent Nightmares. Mullein Smoke is said to be powerful in spells against enemies. Some folks claim it will even assist in the summoning of Demonic Spirits. Finally It is used for divination and dream work or a combination of the two (prophetic dreaming).

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