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Witchy Wednesdays - Solomons Seal

Witchy Wednesdays - Solomons Seal Solomons Seal is a Woodland Perrennial, native to Europe, America and Asia. It has a large stem and alternating Oval leaves The flowers are tubular small and white and hang from arc stems. The whole plant grows about two feet tall.According to lore, King Solomon himself placed his seal upon this plant when he recognized its great value. Those with imagination can see the seal on the root stock in the circular scars left by the stem after it dies back. Young shoots harvested in early spring can be prepared and eaten like asparagus. The roots should be boiled with three changes of water before being roasted and eaten. Making the root into a few is good for the digestive system. To do this Use 1/2 teaspoon or less of loose Solomon’s Seal root per 6-10 oz of water and strain well. An infusion of Solomon's Seal, or incense made of Solomon's Seal root can both be used to drive away negative vibrations and malicious spirits. It can also be used to summon helpful spirits and elementals. Carrying the root as an amulet will ward of evil spirits and increase wisdom. Some folks place chips of Solomons seal root along their window sills to Protect the Home. Others burn it mixed with King Solomon Wisdom Incense to help them make Wise Decisions in Career and Business.

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