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Magick Mondays - The Wiccan Calendar

Magick Mondays - The Wiccan Calendar The Wiccan religious calendar contains 13 Full Moon celebrations and 8 Sabbats or days of power. The Sabbats are solar rituals, marking the points of the Sun’s yearly cycle, and are but half of the Wiccan ritual year. The Esbats are the Wiccan Full Moon celebrations. There are 12-13 Full Moons yearly, or one every 28 1/4 days. The Moon is a symbol of the Goddess as well as a source of energy. Thus, after the religious aspects of the Esbats, Wiccans often practice magic, tapping into the larger amounts of energy which are thought to exist at these times. Most rites are held at night. The eight Sabbats represent seasonal birth, death, and rebirth. The Sabbats are … Samahain - October 31st Yule - December 21st Imbolc - January 31st Ostara - March 21st Beltane - April 30th Litha - June 22nd Lughnasadh - July 31st Mabon - September 21st

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