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Magick Mondays - Asmoday

Magick Mondays - Asmoday Asmoday is the thirty second entity of the Goetia and one of the nine Demonic Kings. He rules over 72 legions of the infernal host. He appears in the form of a strong and powerful human with three heads, the first being that of a bull, the second is that of a mans and the third is that of a rams. He has the tail of a serpent and breaths fire. His feet are webbed like that of a goose and he sits astride a great infernal beast. He teaches the arts of arithmatic and geometery and of all handicrafts. He answers true to all questions posed and can make a man invincible. He can also find all that is lost and can guard it also. His Demonic Enn (Chant to call him forth) - Ayer Avage Aloren Asmoday Aken

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