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Witchy Wednesday - Heather

Witchy Wednesday - Heather Heather, also known as Calluna Vulgaris is a common low growing perrenial shrub found mostley in Europe and Asia. It grows between 15 and 50 cm in height with a light purple or white Flower at the end and coupled leaves all the way down the stem. Its name comes from the Greek word to sweep. Along with a Thistle it is a national flower of Scotland. Heather gives a yellow dye, and it can be woven into baskets, mats and even brooms. With malt, heather is an ingredient in gruit, a mixture of flavourings used in the brewing of heather-beer during the Middle Ages before the use of hops. Heather honey is a highly valued product in moorland and heathland areas, with many beehives being moved there in late summer. Heather is useful for Problems of the genitourinary systems, including stones, kidney and bladder infections, vaginal discharge, enlarged prostate, and menstrual and menopausal symptoms. It stimulates the flow of bile and urine, making it useful in cleansing and purifying teas. Magickally keeping heather about the house will attract friendly spirits and will bring peace to the household. Carrying heather will attract positive energies, general good luck and protect against rape and other violent assaults. Heather is often worn or carried as a good luck charm. It is said that a sprig of white Heather placed in a special place of silence and meditation has the power to conjure ghosts or spirits. Heather is useful in Faery magick and is said to ignite faery passions and open portals between their world and our own.

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