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Freyja's Fridays - The Viking "Special Forces"

Freyja's Fridays - The Viking "Special Forces" As well as the regular army there were 3, what I call special forces. The Berzerkers (Bear Shirts), who were great hulking warriors often battle crazed who charge towards the enemy with a two handed axe called a Skegg Ox and wearing little more than a cloak made from a bear skin and taking out as many enemies as possible. The Ulfhednar (Wolf Cloaks), who were like the modern SAS. they would be the silent killers often hiding in bushes wearing the cloaks of slain wolves and slaying enemy caravans and marches using, Bogi Okk Or (Bow and Arrows) and Knifr (Knives) up close. Finally we have The Skjoldmaer (Shield Maidens), these were warrior women who fought alongside the men in battle and were highly skilled in the use of Shield and Spear.

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