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Magick Mondays - Identifying an Entity's Sigil or Name (The Method I Use)

Magick Mondays - Identifying an Entity's Sigil or Name (The Method I Use) The fist thing to know is that sigils, apart from being the identifying marks of entity’s are actually relatively new to magick and evocation. For thousands of years before it wasn’t sigils but idols that were revered. The Ancient Nabateans used to worship a black rock, as they understood that it was the human mind that gave an entity a shape and characteristics. All a Sigil is used for is to give something the mind can concentrate on and link to, which allows the mind to fully visualise the entity you are evoking. Finding the sigil of an unknown entity is fairly straight forward but will require you to be able to feel the entitys presence around or near you. Take a piece of paper and a pen and sit comfortably in the entitys presence. Take the pen in your hand and relax the body and mind. Tune yourself to become more spiritually receptive and place the pen on the paper. Out loud start asking questions like ” How do i call you?” “show me your sign.” and repeat until your pen starts to move. Be aware that this is not a possession, you are the one moving the pen but the entity is the one that is influencing your mind. Go with what feels right and only stop when it feels right. When you have stopped look at what you have drawn, if something is not quite right then continue from where you left off and repeat until you feel the sigil is complete. Once finished close down by dismissing the entity and you can then use the sigil to evoke the entity and ask questions. You can use the same method to find an entitys name but instead of asking it to draw a sigil ask for its name or letters to its name.

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