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Witchy Wednesday - Southernwood

Witchy Wednesday - Southernwood Southern wood is a member of the Artemisia family and is a perrenial shrubbery. Its leaves are of a grey green colour and are feathery in appearance, it grows to a height of around 3 feet in height and has a wonderful lemony smell, it often has visible yellow flowers. Other common names include: old man, boy's love, oldman wormwood, lover's plant, appleringie, garderobe, Our Lord's wood, maid's ruin, garden sagebrush, European sage, sitherwood and lemon plant. The pungent, scented leaves and flowers are used in herbal teas. Young shoots were used to flavour pastries and puddings. In Italy, it is used as a culinary herb. It was historically used as an air freshener or strewing herb. You can also make a spray by steeping the leaves in vinegar or alcohol for a few weeks, or add a few drops of essential oil to vinegar and water. Or add it to an oil base to apply to the skin. The plant was widely used in medicine in the Middle Ages. Generally the plant's main reputation concerns its use as mothballs to ward off insects. It was heavily used to ward off disease, especially from those in prison. an ointment made from the ashes of Southernwood is said to encourage boys beards to grow. Some church-goers relied on the herb's sharp scent to keep them awake during long sermons. Magickally As part of an incense, it protects against trouble, and the smoke is reputed to drive away snakes. Southernwood is traditionally used to ward against disease and to draw love. It may be employed in a ritual bath to increase a man's attractiveness, virility and sexual skill. it can be added to mixtures to drive away a streak of bad luck or to break a hex.

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