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Freyja’s Fridays - Viking Diet

Freyja’s Fridays - Viking Diet With Vikings being farmers and fisherman they had ample supply of meat such as Griss (Pork), Kyr (Beef) and Hafr (Goat) along with Fiskr (Fish). They would also have Vegetables and Fruit such as Epli (Apples) and Sipul (Onions) and with the crops we also get Braudr (Bread). Finally to quench there mighty thirsts they had three main drinks, Vatr (Water), Bjorr (Beer) and Mjod (Mead) which is a kind of honeyed wine. They would eat twice a day the first just after rising so around 6-7 am and was called Dagmal (Day meal) and the second was around 8-9 pm and was called Nattmal (Night meal).

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