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Witchy Wednesdays - Violet

Witchy Wednesdays - Violet Violets are a small perennial flower but with well over 500 varieties of violet there is also a mix of small shrubs in there. Typically they are small flowers often purple, yellow or white in colour with five petals and on the end of a long stalk. The stem also has alternating leaves along it. It is found mainly in the Northern Hemisphere but a few varieties grow in Australia. Violet is the traditional birth flower for February in English tradition. Violet is known to have a 'flirty' scent as its fragrance comes and goes. hen newly opened, Violet flowers may be used to decorate salads or in stuffings for poultry or fish. The French are also known for their violet syeup, most commonly made from an extract of violets. In the United States, this French violet syrup is used to make violet scones and marshmallows. They can easily be candied by painting them with a bit of egg white and sprinkling them with sugar or dipping them in melted syrup. Viola odorata is most often used for this, but any variety is suitable though they may not be as flavourful. Violas are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and A. For coughs and bronchitis put 2 teaspoons in 250ml of water and bring to boil, steep for 5 mins then drink. Do this 2-3 times a day. Magickally many people place a Violet Leaf in their shoe and wear it that way for seven days in the belief that they will find a new lover. Violets are helpful in love spells and may be carried as an amulet to step-up one's luck in love. Combining them with lavender gives enhanced effect.

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