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Witchy Wednesdays - Bluebells

Witchy Wednesdays - Bluebells Bluebells are a part of a family of plants called Hyacinthoides, and covers 11 varieties of plants. Typically they are native to the Americas and Europe and are small flowering plants which bend slightly under the weight of the flowers which grow in clusters of around 5-12. They are bell shaped and as the name implies are a blue in colour. They commonly grow in woodland areas where they create a carpet of blue along the forest floor, affectionately known as Bluebell woods. This plant can grow from 8 to 20 inches tall. The bluebell may be regarded as the United Kingdom's "favourite flower". When the wild plant charity Plantlife organised a survey in 2004 to find a favourite flower for each county in the United Kingdom, it decided to ban voters from choosing the bluebell because it had been by far the top choice in an earlier poll for the nation's favourite flower. A stylised bluebell is used as the logo for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. Common bluebells yield a glue that has historically been used for book binding and to stick flights to arrow shafts.The bulb yields a starch that has been used to starch clothing. All parts of English bluebell are toxic and the sap can cause contact dermatitis. Animals can suffer gastric distress upon eating these. The Common English Bluebell is a beloved treasure of Britain where its presence is said to indicate the ancientness of a forest. Magickally In English folklore, Faeries were thought to congregate in a 'Bluebell wood'. If one were to trample into such a wood they could be cursed by the Faeries. They would leave them maimed or sick{ultimately leading to their death}, or the carry them away to never be seen again. Bluebells, those denizens of ancient forests, are fairy flowers, used by fairies to trap humans who encroach on natural places. If a child picks a bluebell in a bluebell wood, he will never bee seen again. If an adult picks one, he will wander lost, led astray by pixies forever, or until someone rescues him. They are an excellent charm to sew into a dream pillow to ward off not only nightmares, but also protect someone from a potential run in with a Succubus. Anyone wearing a wreath of bluebells will be compelled to speak only the truth.

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