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Freyja’s Fridays - Clothes and Armour

Freyja’s Fridays - Clothes and Armour Vikings wore Tunics made from wool, linen or animal skins. They would also wear trousers of a similar material and leather and/or fur shoes. The women would wear a linen dress with a leather or linen apron over it fastened by a leather belt. They would wear very little armour but what they did have was a Brynja (Chain mail Shirt) which they wore over their tunics and Hjalmr (Helmet) which against popular belief did not have horns but were often little more than a round metal hat with eye guards. They would carry with them their Kring Skjoldr (Round Shield) which were very large wooden shields being around 90 to 100 cm in diameter), often highly decorated with images of animals and runes to honour their Gods. 

#viking #norse #clothing 

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