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Witchy Wednesday - Maple

Witchy Wednesday - Maple Maple is the term used for around 120 species of tree otherwise known as Acer, these are mainly native to Europe and America and predominately Asia. Most of these trees grow between 30ft to around 150ft and are deciduous in nature. They have an iconic opposite leaf layout and bear fruit resembling little Helicopters called a maple key. Maple flowers are green, yellow, orange or red. The word acer is from the Latin meaning "sharp" which refers to the pointed leaves.. Maples are important as source of syrup and wood. Dried wood is often used for the smoking of food. Maples have a long history of use for furniture production in the United States. One story says that red squirrel first showed a hunter how to get sweet sap from the maple. He liked to bite off the branches to make the sap ooze out and when it had dried into a sugar crust would come back and lick it joyfully.The maple is a common symbol of strength and endurance and has been chosen as the national tree of Canada. Magickally some cultures primarily use Maple wands for spiritual healing. The gypsies believe Maple brings gold and that eating the seeds draws love. It enhances intellectual pursuits, acquiring knowledge, and communication. Maple is useful in moon magic and in spells related to travel, learning and decision-making, especially in matters related bringing about or dealing with change.

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