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Witchy Wednesday - Alyssum

Witchy Wednesday - Alyssum Alyssum is a low growing annual perrenial native to the mediterranean regions, often growing no higher than 30cm and in small sort of clusters grows tiny white, pink or purple flowers, accompanied by a sweet fragrance. It is a memeber of the mustard family of plants Brassicacea. Alyssum was used as a treatment for the bites of rabid animals. The name alyssum comes from the Greek meaning "without madness". Alyssum can cause dermatitis in sensitive people. Although edible it is rarely used in culinary endeavours. Magickally the sweet scent evokes peaceful energy and spiritual and emotional balance. Wear a sprig on your lapel or carry one in your pocket to prevent and calm angry encounters. It is also a great plant for fae gardens and moon gardens.

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